2019 Father’s Day Shoot – Saturday & Sunday Sign-Up at 9 AM

Come celebrate legalization of our new skeet range! Here it is with snow, but I can assure you that not one snowflake will be left after Monday’s Work Party.

Our New Permanent Skeet Range

On Saturday and Sunday, for only $14 for 50 birds we will be shooting 16 yard traps, continental, double traps, or skeet. Sign-up will be starting at 9 AM. We may even add triples or other games if enough interest exists. Please remember, we are still using our temporary permit for our traps range. Please only bring #9 shot for traps-games. We are only permitted to use #9 shot on our temporary traps range, but you can use up to #7.5 on our skeet range. Once our permanent traps range is approved, you will be allowed to use up to #7.5 there as well.

On Saturday we will be having our famous grilled Father’s Day Lunch. Come and enjoy a thick piece of steak, or chicken, with potatoes and other garnishes for $25. You are welcome to bring your own wine or beer. Our Saturday lunch is so good that I can’t guarantee there will be any left overs for Sunday.

Bring your friends, family, or anyone else, this Friday to shoot, eat, and to see our new traps range. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to use the contact form below!

The right of our new Traps range, complete with dramatic clouds and miniature excavator
Left side of our new traps range

Contact Us:

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Father’s Day Work Party

Hi Everyone,

As you all know, we are planning on celebrating our first Father’s Day with legal skeet since the government asked we update our facilities. To make this weekend, June 15 & 16 the best Father’s Day shoot possible, we are having a work party on Monday June 10 from 5 PM to 9-ish. Please come out, so that you can own a piece of this weekend’s celebration.

I hope to see you there tomorrow, but if you have any questions, please use the comment form and I’ll get back to you.



June 1, 2019: Trap Houses Moved to Lower Range

Silver City Clays is pleased to report that our trap houses have been successfully moved from their original location to the new Trap range below the bank. We were all very concerned the old trap houses would not survive the move, but everything went smoothly – a testament to the skill of the crane company and of the original builders!

Sadly, this does not mean we can start shooting on the new range. We are working with the RCMP to get the permits for our traps range, but until then, we still have our temporary trap house.

Stop by on Sunday to see our new traps range, and check in frequently for updates on the permitting process.

December 20, 2018: Reptile Conservation Efforts Recognized by the Trail Times

The Trail Times published an interview with one of our club members discussing our recent efforts to construct new habitat for Rubber Boas and Western (blue-tailed) Skinks.

The article is available at this link: Trail Times Article

A blue-tailed skink found by one of our members

December 3, 2018: RCMP Approval Received for New Skeet Range

The Silver City Traps club is pleased to report that thanks to the efforts of Rick Miller and many others, we have received approval of our new Skeet stand. Shooting will restart immediately starting this Saturday at 10 AM

Shooting is permitted at the lower range with 7.5 shot. However, the upper range is still restricted to 9 shot.