Invitation to the Silver City Trap Club 2022 Father’s Day Shoot and Pig Roast (June 18 & 19 @ 9 AM)

Hi Everyone,

Join the Silver City Trap Club on June 18th and 19th for the first Father’s Day Shoot on our New, Fully Equipped and Operational, Shotgun Range! We have a brand-new trap machine, and a new venue under construction with a shade/rain cover. Come to our range halfway between Trail and Castlegar on HWY – 22 to prove them with fire!

On Saturday we are going to offer 50 Trap Singles, 50 Handicap Traps, and 25 pairs of doubles for $15 per round and the glory of competition. Glamorous prizes for the winners of Team Skeet, Triples, and Annie Oakley.

Team skeet will use teams of three, with one top shooter and two randomly assigned shooters; $3 of the $15 entrance fee will be added to the prize pool. Triples will cost $20 per person, with $5 going to the prize pool. Annie Oakley’s will be played with three guns up. Our Annie’s will be played from the 27 yd line. Hit the first or second shooter’s misses to knock them out! Try your luck in the Annie Oakley’s for $5 with $2 going to the prize pool!

Club ammunition will be available for $10 per box of 25 for use during the shoot. Only 12-gauge ammunition is available. You may bring your own #9, #8, or #7.5 ammunition.

No sign-up fees! Come and shoot all events, or only the events you are interested in. RV parking, electricity, and water are available.

Sign-up will start on Saturday and Sunday in the upper clubhouse starting at 9 AM with shooting to start at 10 AM. There will be a golfcart shuttle between the upper and lower ranges. Please carpool to the lower range due to limited parking. Lunch will be offered on both days, but our special Father’s Day $25 Pig Roast Supper will be on Saturday June 18th, so if you can only attend one day you should come out on Saturday. Be prepared to dine outdoors, and feel free to bring your own BEvERages but no side dishes. All food will be available for purchase. Dining will be outdoors, so please bring camp chairs and nice cutlery if you don’t like plastic.

For more details, please see the attached Entrance Form and Event Poster or our website. Come out for a great time on Saturday June 18th and Sunday June 19th at 9 AM.

On behalf of the Directors of the Silver City Trap Club, I would like to say that I sincerely hope to see you at our new range this Father’s Day!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to use the contact form below:

    Silver City Trap Club AGM – Sunday August 22, 2021 – New COVID Restrictions

    Hi Everyone,

    Interior Health has re-imposed the COVID restrictions we were under most of last year. Starting today, masks are mandatory in indoor spaces everywhere in the Interior Health Area. Furthermore, a safety plan is organized for organized outdoor events, which are limited to 100 people. The Silver City Trap Club will not hold shooting competitions until the COVID order is lifted. However, you will be permitted to come to the range every Sunday starting at 9 AM (summer hours) for independent shooting practice. Shooting at other times is permitted, provided all bylaws are complied with. You may read the full details of the CBC report here: Mask mandates and gathering restrictions return to B.C.’s Interior as COVID-19 numbers spike | CBC News

    The safety plan that was in effect most of last year, is in effect again. Masks must be worn in all indoor locations, only one person is permitted in the trap or skeet houses at one time, and the occupancy limits of the clubhouse and electrical termination shack are posted. Furthermore, physical distancing and hand sanitizing must be observed. There is a limited supply of sanitizer for hands, pencils, and pull-buttons. We would appreciate it if you brought your own COVID supplies and donated any extras to the club. 

    Despite the increased restrictions, the Club Directorate believes it is still possible to have a safe AGM. Tomorrow’s AGM will take place at noon near the club house. We’ll place chairs on the veranda so that our senior members may enjoy the shade, and everyone else may sit on chairs on the grass in front of the clubhouse. We would appreciate it if you brought your own camping chairs to ensure everyone has a place to sit. The weather report shows a 40% chance for less than 1 mm of rain during the AGM. We’ll delay or reschedule the AGM if it rains too much for our meeting. 

    Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow,

    President Silver City Trap Club

    Silver City Trap Club AGM (August 22, 2021) Agenda

    The Silver City Trap Club will be holding our Annual General Assembly this Sunday, August 22nd at noon. COVID has made 2020/2021 a challenging year, but with the end in sight it is more important than ever for the club members to come out and help us to set the course for the future.

    The agenda for the AGM will be:

    1. Review of minutes from past AGM.
    2. Review of financial statement.
      1. Price increases are likely due to global ammunition shortage.
      1. The Treasurer will discuss how he wants sales records kept to facilitate accounting and cost control.
      1. Review of youth fund.
    3. Update on Right of First Refusal on Teck property.
    4. Review of construction activities undertaking, new equipment purchased, and future activities.
    5. Clubhouse rental policy.
    6. New Business:
      1. Firearms Violence Prevention Act coming into force in 2022.
    7. Accolades.
    8. Director Election.

    Feel free to come out on Sunday, August 22nd, at noon if you have an option on any of the items, or to add any new business. Looking forward to seeing everyone on Sunday!

    2021 Father’s Day Work Party

    Hi Everyone,

    We will be holding a work party to prepare for Father’s Day on Saturday June 12th. The work party will start at 9 AM to avoid the summer heat. On this day, we will need to:

    1. Fill both trap and skeet houses to the brim with targets. The trap ranges get orange targets, and the skeet range gets green targets.
    2. Clean clubhouse and electrical shack.
    3. Mow Lawn.
    4. Tidy grounds.
    5. We would like to build a patterning board, but our license does not permit the use of metal targets. We would greatly appreciate any donations of lumber or skilled labour to construct such a thing towards the end of Trap 1.
    6. Any other jobs you think should be done. The Silver City Trap club is a member lead organization, and the best way to see the club go the way you want it to go is to come out and take us there!

    Please sign up using this form, or comment with any ideas you have for things that need to be done.

    Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday June 12th!

    Currently Registered

    Be the first!

    2021 Father’s Day Shoot and Pig Roast

    Hi Everyone,

    Due to the relaxation of COVID restrictions, the Silver City Trap Club is pleased to announce that we will be able to hold a Father’s Day Shoot! On Saturday, June 19th, we will be having a whole roast pig, stuffed with apples for supper! Sunday will be pulled pork sandwiches! Lunches will be available for purchase both days. For the time being, we are assuming the current social distancing rules will be in effect on Father’s Day, so we ask you to bring your camping table and chairs and be ready to eat outside. Please let me know if you are certain to attend so we can make sure to order a large enough pig.

    On Saturday we will have 50 birds of skeet, 50 traps, 50 doubles, and 50 continental-style traps. In the afternoon we will have fun and games by popular demand. On Sunday we will have 50 doubles, 50 traps, 50 handicap traps, and 50 continental-style traps. Sign-up will start at 9 AM on both days, and shooting will commence at 10 AM. The return of our much missed pig roast will be at 6 PM on Saturday June 19th!

    To help everyone get back into practice, and avoid the summer heat, we will now start shooting at 9 AM on all Sundays.

    Please send me an email, or sign up using the form below so that we can have an idea of how many people to expect. You can also sign up for the Father’s Day Work Party here.

    Looking forward to seeing all of you!

    Registrations are closed for this event

    2021 Summer Shooting Hours in Effect

    Hi Everyone,

    With the return of summer heat, we are now opening the club at 9 AM. Shooting will still proceed until everyone is finished.

    The gate will be unlocked on shooting days. Please move the plastic tube to open the gate, and close it behind you. Due to a recent break-in, we ask that you keep the gate closed at all times, and report anyone suspicious hanging around the clubhouse or Range Officer’s home.


    2020 Father’s Day Shoot – June 20 & 21

    Hi Everyone,

    We have decided we can hold a physically-distanced Father’s Day Shoot on June 20 and 21! With our newly paved and handicapped accessible trap and skeet fields, this year’s event will be our best ever. We are going to have 50 birds of skeet, 16 yard singles, continental traps, doubles, and we’ll use all of our new space with handicap traps. For an added donation you can even force someone else to shoot from farther back! Other games will be available by popular demand.

    Sign-up will start on Saturday and Sunday starting at 9 AM with shooting to start at 10 AM. Lunch will be offered on both days, but our special Father’s Day Supper will be on Saturday June 20th, so if you can only attend one day you should come out on Saturday. Be prepared to dine outdoors, and feel free to bring your own BEvERages but no side dishes. All food will be available for purchase.

    To keep everyone safe during COVID, we’ll be dining outdoors. To ensure there is space for everyone to maintain their social bubbles, we would appreciate it that those who can, do bring their own camping tables and chairs. We would greatly appreciate donations of hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, and whatever else Dr. Henry recommends in June. Please let us know if you have traffic cones, field chalk, surveyor’s pegs, or other items that we can use to help everyone maintain 6 feet of separation

    Now this wouldn’t be a club invitation if we didn’t try conscripting some labour and supplies. We’ll be holding a work party on the Saturday before Father’s Day (June 13th) to prepare for Father’s Day. In addition to our regular cleaning, we need to fix a leak in our bird trailer. We would greatly appreciate it you could donate any leftover roofing tar, spray foam insulation, or anything else that might help us patch a roof or evict some rodents. The work party will start at 10 AM on Saturday, June 13th. Once all of the work is done, I am sure no one will look askance if our volunteers sneak some bootleg practice in before the big event.

    I hope you all sign up for our work party here, and you can sign up for the Father’s Day Shoot using the registration button below. It is important for you to use the registration buttons, just in case there are still gathering size restrictions on Father’s Day. If you have any questions, please use the form below, and I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can.

    Registrations are closed for this event

      2020 Father Day Work Party – 10 AM June 13th

      Hi Everyone,

      We are planning on holding our usual Father’s Day Shoot on June 20 & 21st. Our work party to prepare for Father’s Day will take place on June 13th at 10 AM.

      In order to get ready for the shoot, we need to:

      1. Clean the clubhouse floors, kitchen, and bathrooms
      2. Mow the front lawns
      3. Lay out physical distancing marks (floor stickers, surveyor’s pegs, etc)
      4. Setup sanitizing stations
      5. Move extra birds down to the trap and skeet houses
      6. Paint trap posts
      7. Repair the bird trailer.

      If you can’t help out with the labour, we would greatly appreciate donations of:

      1. COVID supplies
        1. Hand sanitizer
        2. Sanitizing wipes
        3. Surveyor’s pegs, field chalk and applicators, floor stickers, etc. to help us lay out physical-distancing marks.
        4. Other items the BC government may recommend as we get closer to Father’s Day
      2. General Cleaning Supplies
      3. Supplies to repair the bird trailer
        1. Roofing tar
        2. Expanding foam sealant and steel wool to exclude rodents and birds
        3. Plywood, screws, and other odds and ends we might need to find and fix any leaks.

      Please use the form below to let us know what you can bring.

      Looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday June 13th starting at 10 AM. Once we have everything squared away, I doubt anyone will look askance if we sneak in some extra practice before the Big Day!

      If you have any questions, you can contact us using the form below, or you can register with this button:

      Registrations are closed for this event

        COVID Access Restriction to Range-Officer’s House

        The Silver City Trap Club is committed to the safety of all members during the on-going COVID pandemic. All members are required to adhere to the government’s guidelines concerning physical distancing. In addition to these guidelines, we ask that members do not approach the Range-Officer’s house to the left of the main gates. This house is a private residence and not used for any club activities.

        2019 Father’s Day Shoot – Saturday & Sunday Sign-Up at 9 AM

        Come celebrate legalization of our new skeet range! Here it is with snow, but I can assure you that not one snowflake will be left after Monday’s Work Party.

        Our New Permanent Skeet Range

        On Saturday and Sunday, for only $14 for 50 birds we will be shooting 16 yard traps, continental, double traps, or skeet. Sign-up will be starting at 9 AM. We may even add triples or other games if enough interest exists. Please remember, we are still using our temporary permit for our traps range. Please only bring #9 shot for traps-games. We are only permitted to use #9 shot on our temporary traps range, but you can use up to #7.5 on our skeet range. Once our permanent traps range is approved, you will be allowed to use up to #7.5 there as well.

        On Saturday we will be having our famous grilled Father’s Day Lunch. Come and enjoy a thick piece of steak, or chicken, with potatoes and other garnishes for $25. You are welcome to bring your own wine or beer. Our Saturday lunch is so good that I can’t guarantee there will be any left overs for Sunday.

        Bring your friends, family, or anyone else, this Friday to shoot, eat, and to see our new traps range. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to use the contact form below!

        The right of our new Traps range, complete with dramatic clouds and miniature excavator
        Left side of our new traps range

        Contact Us:

        Please check your spam folder if you do not receive a response after a couple of days