How to Join

You may join by visiting our clubhouse between Trail and Castlegar any Sunday at 10 AM. All memberships and clay targets may be purchased in cash from any of our directors. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept cheques or credit cards.

Membership Costs

DailyTBCCovers cost of insurance
Annual – SingleTBCDue January 1st of each year
Annual – FamilyTBCA family consists of two related adults, and # children
under the age of 18.


Traps, skeet, and sporting clays all cost the same.

Single RoundTBCFull price for a round of 25
clay targets.

Doubles requires the
purchase of two rounds.
Round CardTBCIncludes 16 rounds

Experienced Shotgun Shooters

If you are experienced with the use of your shotgun, and with shotgun sports, simply come down to our clubhouse on Sunday after 10 AM. Any of our directors can sell you a daily or annual membership. Rounds can be bought individually or in a 16 round card for a discount.

Please note that only #9 shot is permitted on the Trap range, while up to #7.5 may be used on the Skeet range.

Experienced Shotgun Shooter – New to Shotgun Sports

If you are familiar with the use of your shotgun, but are new to shooting at a club, please drop in at our clubhouse on any Sunday. All of our members would be thrilled to explain the rules of each game, and to show you the club’s facilities.

A daily or annual membership will be required, and can be purchased from any of the club’s directors, who will also sell you the necessary rounds.

Please note that only #9 shot is permitted on the Trap range, while up to #7.5 may be used on the Skeet range.

New to Shooting

If you have only recently earned your PAL, or would like some help learning to safely handle your shotgun, please fill in the contact form below. We will make sure a mentor is on-hand to show you the rules of the sport, and how to handle your gun in the firing-line.

Please remember to bring your own shotgun – the club does not currently have any available to rent.

Under 18 Shooters

Under construction

Unlicensed Shooters

All shooters must possess a valid PAL or be under the direct supervision of a PAL holder.