2023 Silver City Trap Club Father’s Day Shoot

Join us on June 17 (Saturday) and 18 for our annual Father’s Day Shoot! We are focusing on a faster and more streamlined shoot this year. For any questions, please contact us at our Facebook Group. Feel free to sign up for one or all events on offer.

Events Schedule – June 17 (Saturday)

Sign-up8:30 -10:30N/A
50 Singles from 16 yd9:30 – 11:00$15.00
50 Handicap Singles (min 20 yd)10:30 – 12:00$15.00
Lunch – TBD12:00 – 1:00 TBD
Doubles – 26 pairs1:00 – 2:30$15.00
Triples, 75 targets, pick your partner2:30 – end$20.00 per team
Other games by popular acclamationUntil supperVariable
Pig Roast! Feel free to bring your own wine or beer.6:00 (TBC)$25.00 per guest

Events Schedule – June 18 (Sunday)

Sign-up 8:30 -10:30N/A
50 Singles from 16 yd9:00 – 10:30$15.00
50 Handicap Singles (min 20 yd)10:30 – 11:30$15.00
Lunch – (TBD)11:30 – 12:30TBD
Doubles – 26 pairs12:30 – 1:30$15.00
Triples, 75 targets, pick your partner1:30 – end$20.00 per team
Other games by popular acclamationUntil endVariable

Game Rules

The last event of each day will be a series of games, using any of the club’s machines and selected by popular acclamation. The rules of the games are listed below.

Annie Oakley’s

Entry will be $5.00 per event.  A shooter is allowed to buy back in once for $5 Prize money will be determined by the total # of entries in each round. The prize money will be a 60/40 split between the #1 & #2 shooters remaining at the end of each Annie Oakley round.

The game will be played with three guns up, #1 shooter calls for the target. Participants may not shoot at broken targets or out of turn.


Doubles participants will shoot 26 pairs alternating 3 pairs on their initial station, 2 pairs, 3 pairs, 2 pairs & 3 pairs on the final station.


Each team member must break their primary target before shooting the center targe. Violation of this rule results in a score of zero. Each shooter is allowed to use two shots on their primary target, if necessary.

Other Games

Other games may be considered if interest exists on the day of the events. Please contact us at our Facebook group if you would like to see if a certain event is possible.

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