Silver City Trap Club AGM (August 22, 2021) Agenda

The Silver City Trap Club will be holding our Annual General Assembly this Sunday, August 22nd at noon. COVID has made 2020/2021 a challenging year, but with the end in sight it is more important than ever for the club members to come out and help us to set the course for the future.

The agenda for the AGM will be:

  1. Review of minutes from past AGM.
  2. Review of financial statement.
    1. Price increases are likely due to global ammunition shortage.
    1. The Treasurer will discuss how he wants sales records kept to facilitate accounting and cost control.
    1. Review of youth fund.
  3. Update on Right of First Refusal on Teck property.
  4. Review of construction activities undertaking, new equipment purchased, and future activities.
  5. Clubhouse rental policy.
  6. New Business:
    1. Firearms Violence Prevention Act coming into force in 2022.
  7. Accolades.
  8. Director Election.

Feel free to come out on Sunday, August 22nd, at noon if you have an option on any of the items, or to add any new business. Looking forward to seeing everyone on Sunday!

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