2021 Father’s Day Work Party

Hi Everyone,

We will be holding a work party to prepare for Father’s Day on Saturday June 12th. The work party will start at 9 AM to avoid the summer heat. On this day, we will need to:

  1. Fill both trap and skeet houses to the brim with targets. The trap ranges get orange targets, and the skeet range gets green targets.
  2. Clean clubhouse and electrical shack.
  3. Mow Lawn.
  4. Tidy grounds.
  5. We would like to build a patterning board, but our license does not permit the use of metal targets. We would greatly appreciate any donations of lumber or skilled labour to construct such a thing towards the end of Trap 1.
  6. Any other jobs you think should be done. The Silver City Trap club is a member lead organization, and the best way to see the club go the way you want it to go is to come out and take us there!

Please sign up using this form, or comment with any ideas you have for things that need to be done.

Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday June 12th!

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