The Best Shotgun Range in the Trail / Castlegar Area

With the approval of our new skeet range, the Silver City Trap Club is pleased to offer both Traps and Skeet. Only one range may be used at a time because shot from the Traps range falls on the Skeet area. We currently offer Traps starting at 10 AM, switching to Skeet around noon. Arrive early if you want to shoot Traps!

2019 FATHER’S DAY SHOOT – Saturday & Sunday – Sign-Up at 9 AM

Come join us on June 15 and 16 for the Silver City Traps Club Father’s Day shoot. We will be offering 50 birds of 16-yard traps, continental, doubles, or skeet for $14 per round. Please bring #9 shot for traps-games and up to #7.5 for skeet. Our license only permits #9 at our temporary trap house, but our skeet range is allowed up to #7.5. Sign-up starts both days at 9 AM.

Come on Saturday for our famous steak or chicken dinner for $25 – you are welcome to bring your own wine or beer or other refreshments. For more information, or to ask a question, please visit our Father’s Day Shoot Page for more information and to ask questions.